What People Are Saying

Since its inception, the Model G20 Summit has been fortunate to receive attention and support from international diplomats. It has also benefited from strong positive feedback from participants who have given it high marks for simulation design and realism, speaker selection and recruitment, and event planning and organization.


"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future, and this is why we have the G20 model."

Angel Gurría Secretary General of the OECD


"An innovative program designed to develop understanding of G20 among students, the Model G20 Initiative will be an effective platform for young people, from both the United States and other countries, to improve their wisdom and thoughts on international economic institutions and accomplishments."

Minister Li Kexin Embassy of China in the USA


"This experience has actually helped me a lot to understand how negotiation works, what kind of compromises to have, and also when to push hard on points that you believe are important.”

Diego Soto Staff at the World Bank Group


“We really like the Model G20 because it has allowed us to connect with others and dive into the issues. We’re very impressed with the experience.”

Mae Overstreet Grad Student at Appalachian State University


“One highlight has been seeing the different types of students representing different countries, like a German student representing Turkey. That’s really interesting”

Brinda Penmetsa Undergrad at University of Houston